Saturday, July 13

Here’s What We Know About the Hostages Released Saturday

Sharon Avigdori, a sister of Avshalom Haran and a drama therapist, was visiting her family in Be’eri with her daughter, Noam Avigdori, when they were seized.

Sharon Avigdori works with people on the autism spectrum and lives in Hod Hasharon, in central Israel. Her husband, Hen Avigdori, and their son Omer, 16, had stayed home that weekend.

Mr. Avigdori, a television writer, told The Jerusalem Post this month that he was “a man on a mission” to bring back his wife and daughter. He said his wife’s work “changes the world.”

He described his daughter as a young socialite and a top student. “She likes learning, she is hilarious, she has a very sarcastic sense of humor, she cracks me up,” he said.

Credit…Yael Shahrur Noah, via Associated Press

Emily Hand, an Irish Israeli, was kidnapped from a sleepover at a friend’s house in Kibbutz Be’eri and turned 9 while in captivity.

Her family initially believed she had been killed in the attack, but was later informed that she was kidnapped. Her older sister, Natalie Hand, told Israel’s Channel 12 that the family had cried for Emily when it was informed she had been killed.

“We were told that she had been murdered; we were in mourning,” she said. Then, “on Oct. 31, they told us that it was highly likely that she had been abducted.”

Speaking at a news conference at the Israeli Embassy in London recently, her father, Thomas Hand, said, “I’m going to pull every little string that I can for my own daughter, and hopefully that helps the rest as well.”

Ireland’s president met with Mr. Hand in recent weeks.

Credit…Regev Family, via Associated Press

Maya Regev was at the Tribe of Nova music festival on Oct. 7 when Hamas attackers infiltrated Israel and massacred hundreds of young festivalgoers. Her brother, Itay, with whom she attended the festival, is believed to be held in Gaza.

Their father, Ilan Regev Derby, described in October being haunted by the last conversation he had with Ms. Regev, which he recorded on his phone. She called as the gunmen closed in.

In one Hamas video, Itay is shown, hands bound, in the back of a pickup, alive.